Feel Great this Summer

It’s here!!! We final have days for biking, hiking, gardening, outdoor sports, trips, swimming, sitting outside to enjoy the fresh air and so much more! I’ve been sharing with my classes and clients some of the experiences I’ve had over the years with summertime to help people enjoy their summer to the fullest. Here are some things to help:

Longer days equals we cram more in. It’s very easy to get burned out in the summer as we try to get in as much as we can. Eat healthy, drink water, get rest, and pace yourself. We forget our limits when we are in the sunshine and doing things that bring us joy… until we wake up the next morning not able to move well or too exhausted to feel good for work.

Please do your “Diana homework” daily! It may be needed twice a day depending on what you’re doing… it can’t be done too much! A little bit of preventative can can go a very long way as we start doing things we haven’t done in a year or as much as we do in the summer. Remember that muscles and fascia are very important to movement, so the stretching and the rolling are equally important. Do your lazy movements to help lubricate your joints, too, and to release tension in your muscles.

I actually see a lot of clients with depressive energy in the summertime.  It’s a time of year when some find they feel “not as young as they used to be”. As we travel on this journey, we change. At certain times, we need help from loved ones to reassure us that we are whole and wonderful just the way we are. I take time to look around to see if there are people in my life who now have limitations that do not allow them to enjoy situations like they used to. I try to include them in the ways that they can, see if there are things they’d like to do where I can adjust to them, or just spend time with them. This “summertime-depression” is actually pretty common, and each year I work with people to help them look for things they CAN do and to assist with accepting their changes on this journey.

Keep up with your mind-body workouts like yoga and Pilates. Every single year, for 26 years, I’ve seen people leave these classes for the summer and it never surprises me how many of them end up injured or very out of alignment. I always joke (but it’s true and not really funny), “Would you quit brushing your teeth all summer as you eat more ‘fun foods’?” We need our alignment work forever! And, the more we do things out of our norm or more often, the more we need.

A big part of our aches and pains come from inflammation from the things we are eating. It’s easier to eat fresh veggies and fruits in the summer, but it’s important to get organic/non-GMO when it’s available, and to wash them off very well. Try avoiding highly salty foods, alcohol, fried foods, and many of you know my thoughts on gluten and dairy; they cause so much inflammation. To some that know me, this is no surprise. To those that don’t, it may come across as a lot of work at first, but, it doesn’t need to be. Just starting to be aware is a great first step. I’m here for consults if you’d like one to look at your diet to see where to start, or fine-tune.

I wish you all an amazing summer filled with fun, loving experiences! You are all beautiful, amazing spirits and I am blessed to know you all and share this amazing journey with you. Essence is here to help you continue this journey healthy, balanced, and joyful!