Feel Great this Summer

It's here!!! We final have days for biking, hiking, gardening, outdoor sports, trips, swimming, sitting outside to enjoy the fresh air and so much more! I've been sharing with my classes and clients some of the experiences I've had over the years with summertime to help people enjoy their summer to the fullest. Here are some things to help: Longer days equals we cram more in. It's very easy to get burned out in the summer as we try to get in as much as we can. Eat healthy, drink water, get rest, and pace yourself. We forget our limits…read more >

The Most Difficult Body Part to Train is the Brain… It Has a Mind of it’s Own!

I am so excited to offer, for the first time, my workshop this month on making permanent life changes! It does not matter what the change is... whether it's related to health, relationships, career, education, finances, or anything else... YOU have all the power you need to live your dreams! Yes, yes...I know you have tried. Yes, yes...I know you have heard before that you can do it. Yes, yes...I know it seems hard.  Here's the thing... we need to stop putting any energy into the problem... stop it all right now!  This is what I am going to teach…read more >

Have a Healthy & Injury Free Summer

It's officially here! Let the summer begin! And, with the nicer weather usually comes a full schedule of injuries for me to care for. This, of course, is not my most favorite thing in my job but I do feel honored that I am able to help so many. Here are some tips to get you through pain-free and feeling your best for all the great summer things you want do do: 1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK DAILY!!! If you have never done a personal training session with me, it's time... even if you have no pain signals going off. Actually,…read more >

Self-Care for the Care Givers

I thought it only appropriate, since I have found that so many moms that I have worked with in my career struggle with this topic, that in honor of Mother's Day I would fill you in on what I've learned...both personally and professionally. This is a tough one...that's for sure. And, it carries in to the lives of anyone that is caring for the needs of others. We all know that logic is clear on this... the healthier, more peaceful, calm, centered, and balanced we are the better you can do anything... including caring for others. Also, it is very…read more >

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Well... April sweat pellets bring blooming, strong muscles with healthy, flexible joints and a huge decrease in stress! We are just as excited as you are for the fabulous, warm weather on the way!  So, to help get yourself ready for much more physical activities, bathing suits and an amazing summer... I offer you these tips to keep moving forward with your fitness and wellness goals... safely and practically. 1.  Keep your workout schedule balanced. With the smaller clothes we wear in the summer, it's easy to focus on cardiovascular and weight training to help shed the extra body fat…read more >

The Heart is Far More than Just an Organ of the Physical Body

We enjoy celebrating love this month... and that's so very cool! The association of the feeling love and the heart dates back 1000's of years. When we feel love, or the loss of a loved one, we associate the heart or a broken heart with it and the reasons why are based on where we feel an abundance of feeling in the chest area.  Most fitness programs make this month about cardiovascular training due to it's amazing benefits on strengthening the entire system that is involved with pumping blood (clean and dirty) throughout the body.  But, I have found it…read more >