Sound and Vibrational Therapy

A fundamental principle of sound healing is that physical, emotional, and mental symptoms are being generated by an underlying energy field. Thus, if we change the energy field, then the physical, emotional, and mental behavior patterns will also change. (“Human Tuning,” John Beaulieu) Everything in the universe is energy and all of this energy is on difference frequencies. Each individual has his/her own vibrational frequency and these can be “off” for many reasons. Such terms that we use like, “He is low key” or “She is high strung”, come from our recognition of these vibrations. It is very possible to raise our vibration using numerous methods. Using tuning forks and singing bowls that are pitched to the unique vibrations and sounds of our chakras (energy centers), we can balance our energy field and bring about a state of harmony and balance which, in turn, facilitates healing and a higher vibration wherever needed. The highest vibration is light, followed by water. Since 90% of the human body is water when well hydrated, it only goes to follow that our vibration can be very high if cared for.

Diana is a Certified Master Sound Therapy Teacher with Soma Energetics and a Licensed Sound Therapist with the Vibrational Sound Association. She uses tuning forks and body tuners with acupressure tuned to the ancient Solfeggio frequencies and singing bowls to assist in healing and balancing. This therapy is for all ages and there is no physical activity needed by the client. This type of therapy is very successful for stress, disease of any kind, mental focus, and anything that causes imbalances in the human body and energy field.

Benefits for Animals
Elephant and Sound Vibration Therapy Much work is being done to test the effects of vibration/sound therapy on animals. The effects are clear with humans and even on non-living structures such as water as it crystallizes (Love Thysel) by Marsaru Emoto, 2004). Jeff Howard (Diana’s mentor as a Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist and founder of the VSA) has had significant success in Thailand with elephants that are in sanctuaries from years of being forced into logging. This is a picture of him working with a female that allowed him to be this close and allowed her infant to nurse long enough for proper nourishment, which is a huge issue with these elephants.