Diana is certified by both The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (largest nutrition school in the world) and The American Council on Exercise as a Health Coach. She is also an ACE Certified Behavioral Change Specialist and ACE Certified Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist. Health Coaching is becoming an almost main-stream way to make permanent lifestyle changes and to help educate the masses that have not been taught about their own body’s needs. Making changes in life patterns that have been practiced for many years takes time, education, support, encouragement, and patience. Working with a Health Coach is a highly effective way to stop “yo-yo dieting” and wasting money on fads that do not work or last… and sometimes leave individuals in a more unhealthy state then when they began.
Diana has worked with hundreds of clients throughout her 24 years as a wellness professional. Her education, skills, patience, and experience set her apart from so many other coaches.Let Diana help you accomplish your goals for becoming the healthiest, happiest, and most vibrant “you” you can imagine! You can schedule an appointment at her studio, www.essencembs.com, or she available for phone, e-mail, or Skyping sessions. Contact Diana today!