As a Certified Advanced Health and Fitness, Diana is well trained and experienced in working with many serious and mild health issues that are either chronic or acute. She has worked with those that have had strokes, heart surgeries of many kinds, spinal fusions and other back surgeries, joint replacements, cancer survivors and those still in treatment, osteopenia and osteoporosis, arthritis of all types, autoimmune disorders, and many more. She also uses her extensive knowledge in postural analysis to pinpoint structural misalignments that either are currently causing pain or her client’s inability to function well. She firmly believes in and has seen dramatic success in implementing alignment-based, daily routines that help everyone undo the “damage” that ADL’s (activities of daily living) cause all of us.

Even though the body may not be signaling pain at any given time, Diana knows both by personal and professional experience that misalignments are commonly already present. In acute trauma situations (post-surgery, healing time for broken bones, etc), Diana is able to help her clients continue with exercise in a way as to not stress the area(s) that are healing, yet keep other areas of the body from atrophying (weakening) more. In therapeutic training with Diana, she will utilize the many skills and years of experience to help her clients improve their own personal situation for the better.