Self-Care for the Care Givers

I thought it only appropriate, since I have found that so many moms that I have worked with in my career struggle with this topic, that in honor of Mother’s Day I would fill you in on what I’ve learned…both personally and professionally. This is a tough one…that’s for sure. And, it carries in to the lives of anyone that is caring for the needs of others.
We all know that logic is clear on this… the healthier, more peaceful, calm, centered, and balanced we are the better you can do anything… including caring for others. Also, it is very clear that the more time we spend on a project the better it comes out. So, what makes it so difficult for so many to put themselves first in scheduling and following through with activities that make them healthier, more balanced, and more peaceful? Do we actually enjoy not being healthy, run down, burnt out, sick, or depressed?  I’m sure that’s a “no” for most of you. What I have learned in over 24 years of doing what I do and even long before that is that what stops most people is guilt, shame, or low energy from living this way for so long and not having the drive to make the changes needed. The guilt and shame is usually from others who are not ready to make such a change saying things like, “Wow, you sure do spend a lot of time on yourself.” Or, “You could be doing so much more on ‘whatever project’ if you didn’t work out so much.” These statements are stemming from the speakers’ own fears and harsh judgments of themselves… knowing that there may be things they could/should be doing different for themselves and seeing someone else do them is making them more aware.  It truly is not, in any direct way, about you. This is very hard to see or understand at first… and in most cases, if understanding is grown, there is not true harm intended at all.
The low energy to make these changes is truly a chemical thing in our bodies. It can be blood sugar/insulin levels, hormones, hydration, low nutrient density, and low muscle tone. These are some of the main reasons it is very important that we don’t compare ourselves to others or look at any health program as “one size fits all”. As a health coach, trainer, aromatherapist and energy worker, I look at each person individually and try to help them become aware using many modalities as to what their own body, mind and heart are telling them. Our bodies are amazing instruments and once we get to learn more about them, many answers become very clear. There is no single approach for everyone.

Here’s my wish for all of the moms and care-takers this Mother’s Day and for the rest of the year… I pray that you find more ways to love yourself than you could ever imagine! I send healing light to any areas of your body that need your care and that you allow yourself the time and space needed to care for yourself just as you do others. Say to yourself each day the exact words that you would say to your most dear loved one… and mean it!

You are beautiful and deserve all the love in the universe!  Happy Mother’s Day to all and may your hearts explode with more happiness than you could ever imagine!
In love and health,
Diana Spiess